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Ever since establishing in 2006 Élan is a brand known for elegance and opulence. Élan earned early success from its careful use of intricate detailing in luxury evening and bridal wear, while, with sophistication retaining body-conscious silhouettes.

Elegant Élan Indian Bridalwear

Each collection to come from the fashion house always follows suit of intricate embellishment and attention to detail and is brought to life using glamour, sophistication and versatility.

Beautiful Élan Range of Indian Bridalwear
“Glamour, sophistication and versatility”

Each piece of Élan collection at Este has been selected with you in mind, designs that are undeniably perfect for your occasion.

Élan Collection

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Model Wearing High-End Élan Indian Bridalwear
Model Lying Down Wearing Élan Indian Bridalwear
Opulent Élan Indian Bridalwear
High-End Élan Indian Bridalwear
Model Showcasing High-End Élan Indian Bridalwear
Model On Chair Showcasing Élan Bridalwear
Model Sat on Chair Wearing Élan Bridalwear
Model Wearing High-End Designer Indian Bridalwear By Élan