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Sonaakshi Raaj

Only one word comes to mind with Sonaakshi Raaj – opulence. Couture that exudes glamour and designs that are feminine and refined. Her style is luxurious yet accomplishes to remain understated.

Sonaakshi Raaj Contemporary Indian Designer

The focus of the Sonaakshi Raaj collection is on fabric, colour and cut, while any embroidery remains subtly modest.

Luxurious yet understated, exquisite tailoring and gorgeous drapery in couture garments that always accentuate and never date.

Contemporary Indian Designerwear by Sonaakshi Raaj
“Exquisite tailoring and gorgeous”

The Sonaakshi Raaj collection at Este has been put together with today’s modern woman in mind and is guaranteed to surprise and delight.

Sonaakshi Raaj Collection

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High-End Indian Designerwear by Sonaakshi Raaj
Model Wearing Dress by Sonaakshi Raaj
Model Standing in Front of Chair in Sonaakshi Raaj Outfit
Black Sonaakshi Raaj Outfit; High-End Indian Designerwear
Model Wearing Sonaakshi Raaj Indian Designerwear
Model on Runway in Sonaakshi Raaj Designerwear
Model in High-End Sonaakshi Raaj Designer Wear
Model Showcasing Sonaakshir Raaj Designer Wear