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Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary, takes inspiration from the designers’ mother – the most beautiful object, idea or person in the universe – and we couldn’t agree more. The labels strength comes from the blend of patterns and draping to enhance contemporary styles.

Surendri Contemporary Indian Designerwear

The Surendri collection is perfect for the eclectic woman who doesn’t shy from colour and uses her sartorial choices as a reflection on her lifestyle.

Surendri High-End Indian Designerwear
“Perfect for the eclectic woman”

Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary is a complete collection, creating a brand not just a label.

Surendri Collection

Model Showcasing Pink Surendri Top and Skirt
Model Wearing Blue Surendri Top And Skirt
Model Sat In Sun Wearing Surendri
Model Stood on Balcony Wearing Surendri