Este has gone International
25/10/2017 - Este Couture

We are so proud to be featuring in The Asian Weekly in the beautiful continent of Africa!

The Asian Weekly, is Kenya’s only magazine for the Asian community in the country, covering an array of topics from sports to business, health and lifestyle to Bollywood and of course fashion! As a free weekly publication each issue offers an in-depth interview with Kenya’s most influential and reputable individuals from a variety of industries.

Indian fashion industry in Kenya has come a long way in recent years, however many still choose to purchase bespoke and unique items from abroad – India and the UK. The benefits of travelling outside of Kenya means that Kenyan’s get to select their outfits from the capitals of Indian fashion.

The UK has now become a powerhouse for Indian fashion, taking inspiration and bringing fashion from some of India’s top Designers.

Este Couture is excited to be bringing some of these Designers to the UK, from fashion houses such as Élan, Gaurav Gupta, Anushree Reddy and Varun Bahl to name but a few. We are also honoured to stock exclusive jewellery from Amrapali Jaipur, where each piece is meticulously brought to life by, experienced craftsmen.

Winning Wedding Boutique of the Year 2017 from The British Asian Wedding Awards for keeping British Bridal and Occasion wear ahead of tread is an accolade we are proud of. We also continually strive to bring new talent to our clients by housing exclusive brands and Designers.